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Perfect for mothers, fathers, high school dropouts, college grads, or ANYONE who wants to make extra money on the side… 

All you’re doing is selling Brand Name Products that are desired all over the globe and keeping the profits for yourself. 

No cheap knock-offs from a factory in China. 
From The Desk Of: Ryan Nichols
About: Your new business
Re: Your Future Profits And Freedom
Dear Future Money Maker,

Didn’t think you could get a $1250 worth of brand name products for ONLY $250? 

I don’t blame you for thinking that. 

But I’ve been helping people all over America pad their income with some extra coin… 
Here’s proof:
… are YOU next?

Most people think Job -> Money.  

The Flip-It Box shortcuts that process while putting money in your pockets (IT WORKS). 
“Cool, but why should I jump in?”
Before I started Wholesale Universe, I was in the United States Marines.

That meant putting 100% effort into everything I did…  

Drills, weapons, gym… you name it. 

As a Marine, it was drilled into our heads that we are to do EVERYTHING with maximum effort. 

This was especially true for deployment. 

You see, eventually I was shipped overseas. 

There, every lesson the Marines taught me was more important than ever. 

It was tough and brutal.  

Overseas was HELL but I made it through. 

When I got back on American soil, I decided I wanted to try my hand at something else… entrepreneurship. 

I tossed around a few ideas but I wanted a business that would improve people’s lives as well. 
You see, one thing the Marines instilled in me was TEAMWORK.

If I was going to do something, yeah it needed to be profitable… but it also needed to bring others UP as well… 

So I landed on Wholesale Universe. 

The perfect business model that allows my clients and I to make money TOGETHER. 
So here’s how it works:
You pay only $250 and get $1,250 worth of brand-named products shipped directly to you.

These include: 
✔️ Nike 
✔️ Adidas
✔️ Michael Kors
✔️ And much more

Then you sell it on: 
✔️ Amazon 
✔️ Poshmark
✔️ Mercari
✔️ Fb Marketplace

… heck, you can even sell it to your next-door neighbors… 

Pretty much anywhere people go to spend money on brand name products. 

Rinse. Repeat. 

Just ask yourself… 

What would an extra $500+ do for you every month? 

Clear your credit card debt? Take care of a car payment (or two)? 

What if you really adopted our process and were able to do it twice a month (or more)? 


Renovate your kitchen? Save for a new car? Put it towards your kids’ college fund? 

Look, if you really wanted to, you could make all that extra cash WITHOUT getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning...  

… getting stuck in rush hour traffic for 60 minutes… 

… waiting for lunch… 
… waiting for the end of shift…

… then getting stuck in rush hour traffic AGAIN… 


You’ll have a battle-tested array of products that are proven to sell… 

That allows you to spend time with the kids, watch your favorite shows, or pursue your hobbies with NO interruptions. 

Get started RISK-FREE by clicking the button on this page. 
Included with your order:
$1250 worth of POPULAR brand name products that are sold all over the world - Yours for only $250
Here are the brands you’ll be selling:
✔️ Nike Shoes
✔️ Adidas Hoodie
✔️ Michael Kors Shoes
✔️ Lucky Brand Clothing
“But you’re just another dude on the internet. Why should I give you MY money?”
You’re very wise for thinking that way…

A lot of the best business people on the planet question what they do before getting involved.   

They (and you) want to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and that chances for success are extremely high. 

So to put your mind at ease, because if our “Flip it Box” doesn’t work, you are 100% backed and covered by my… 
Once you receive the Flip-It Box, you’ll have the instant opportunity to double up on your money and if within 6 Months you haven’t made a single sale…simply return the box with all the products and...
NO hard feelings. NO questions asked… and we’ll part on good terms. Before qualifying for any refund, we ask that you follow through with this business model for at least 6 months.  If at the end of 6 months, you still want a refund, you'll get one.

The last thing I want are bad feelings stuck to my name. So I’d rather give back your money and carry on.

This makes your initial investment of $250 completely RISK-FREE. 
All you need to do is click the button below, enter your billing details, and start making that extra gas money, car payment, or money for your kids’ college tuition.
Glad you’re still with me…
If you’re like me, then you probably scrolled down to the bottom of this page.

All good… 

Here’s what I want you to know: You’re getting a box of Brand Name Products that are proven sellers WORLDWIDE. 

Then you can sell them on Amazon, FB Marketplace, Poshmark, or to your next-door neighbor. 

And for less than the cost of a small laptop... 

You can make enough money to cover car payments, gas, mortgage, rent and more. 

With enough time and practice, you can make enough for new renovations on your kitchen, or a brand new car or motorcycle and virtually anything you want. 

Sound too good to be true? 

A lot of folks feel that way. I know I did when I wasn't generating the kind of business our company does now. 

That's why you are covered by our 6 month money-back guarantee. If you don’t make any sales... I'll pay you back every single penny. 
But just like you expected: YOU HAVE TO ACT NOW!

Well, each Flip-It Box costs me $50 in advertising costs.

And I can't do that for very long before increasing the price to $275...$300 or maybe even $350 like everyone keeps telling me.

So if you're reading this... means I'm still running the ads and the $250 offer is still available.

But you want to act now. Not sit around waiting to "call my bluff".

Because when the price increases... people will still buy from they always do...

The only difference is... you'll have to pay more money for the exact same system Box of Brand Name Products.

Don't wait until later... act right now by filling in your billing details and clicking the submit button. 
Why Am I Doing This?

I want you to be blown away by the quality of the products and how fast they MAKE YOU MONEY.

That way, when I try to sell you something more expensive, you’ll already know, like, and trust me.

Simple. Easy. 100% Transparent.

Too honest? 

Well, it's the truth. I want to over-deliver and blow you away with value.

That way you'll KNOW that we’re legit and our products are TOP QUALITY. 
Will you keep making money the old way?
School 🡲 Job 🡲 Money 🡲 Job 🡲 Home 🡲 Job 🡲 Home 🡲 Repeat ⭯
Maybe you’ll pay off your mortgage and car one day.

Maybe you’ll get a raise and make enough to buy a new truck. 

Now, if that’s your thing, all the best. 

But if you’ve read this far, that probably means you’re like me… 

And you want to hop in the driver’s seat, grip the steering wheel, and hit the pedal to the metal. 

If that’s the case, then the Flip-It Box is for you! 

Get it now while it’s still available at only $250. 

That’s less than a small laptop, and if you don’t make sales within 6 months… 

I give you back every single penny. 

You literally have nothing to lose in the pursuit of freedom. 

To extra money and freedom. 
Ryan Nichols 
Ryan Nichols 
Wholesale Universe

P.S. Remember, this is not a magic wand you wave and money falls out of the sky.

Nor is this a get-rich-quick-scheme where you cheat people out of their hard-earned money.

If that’s what you’re looking for, please leave this page.

There’s no place for you at my table.

Like I said earlier, I want a business that helps people and lifts them UP.

I will have NO part in hurting, cheating, or lying to people.

So if you’re ethical, want to get ahead in life and you’re open to new opportunities… enter your details on this page and submit your order immediately.

Remember, if you’re not happy, you’re still covered by my 6 month money back guarantee.

There’s nothing to lose and tons to gain… get started now!
I want more money and freedom!
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❔ Frequently Asked Questions
❓ I want this, what exactly am I getting?
You’re getting a box of Brand Name Products worth $1250 (you invest $250) that’s shipped directly to your house.
They include:
❓ How is this different than all the other stuff out there?
We source directly from the big box retailers themselves. No cheap knock-offs from China. No back-alley deals. Just legit, high-quality products. 
❓ Who is this for?
✔️ Single mothers/fathers who want to buy more diapers and toys for their kids
✔️ People just got out of the Military and want to start a new life
✔️ High school kids who want money for their first car
✔️ Convicts who just got out of prison and want to start over
✔️ Retired teachers who want to supplement their pension
Pretty much ANYONE who wants to make it and get ahead in life. 
❓ Is there a guarantee?
Yes, you get a 6 month money-back guarantee in case it's not for you.

The ironclad guarantee states that if you don't make a single sale on this inventory within 6 months, then we will take all of the product back.  All we ask is that you give it the full 6 months to try this business out to qualify for any refunds.

(This is the ONLY product we offer that deal on)

This is 15-20 units of brand new designer inventory worth $1,250+..

We're shipping it for free to help save you on the costs..

All you have to do is list it and sell it.

If you truly believe you can't make at least 1 sale in 6 months, DO NOT BUY IT! 👌😎

Happy selling!
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